Proposal For Dissertation On Recruitment Issues In Hospitality Essay

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Introduction According to Page and Connell (2006:227) human resource management has a vital role in developing a long-term sustainability of tourism and hospitality organizations. Therefore, according to that statement I have chosen the following dissertation topic: The future of tourism strongly relies on people working and willing to work in this industry. Kusluvan (2003:5) describes tourism and hospitality industry as ‘people industry’ requiring ‘people skills’ from its employees. Quality of service in tourism and hospitality sphere is always on the first place and therefore it is crucial to employ adequate, highly motivated and customer focused personnel. As far as we can see in this sector successfulness will always depend on appropriate workforce recruitment. Failure in this process, poor manpower planning and empowerment of staff these factors may lead to malfunction of the company. The dissertation will research the key issues regarding nowadays HRM procedures regarding recruitment in hospitality industry in more depth. It will analyze UK HR managers approach to selection of successful staff. Furthermore, it will examine the efforts of today’s companies in development and effectiveness of proper recruitment models and procedures. 195 words Aim Hence, it is well known that recruitment remains crucial role in any organization (Stredwick 2000:89) in order to succeed. The aim of my research is to evaluate the HRM roles in hospitality industry and the most important key issues of poor staffing. The research will also consist of possible theories and models on recruitment process improvements. Objectives Considering literature review and analysis of variety online sources I have made the decision to base my work on few following hypothesis and questions: What is the role of HRM in hospitality?

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