Proposal Example for Color Purple

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Proposal Thesis: 1. Device: the device that is prominently used during the novel was symbolism. 2. The use of symbolism is very influential to the text and how it is shaped because each symbol represents a passing/stepping stone in the narrator’s life. When first read, each symbol may seem unimportant but as I further read into the text each symbol became the entirety of the novel. 3. To introduce “Dear God” I will start by explaining the significance of God and the narrator’s relationship. Also by using textual evidence to show how the novel is mostly monologue and how that supports symbolism. To introduce “The Pants” you would need to explain why the pants are important to her and how they change the dynamics of the story. To introduce “Mr.______” I would have to use evidence from earlier chapters to show how her relationships with her dad created the foundation of how she views men, and with that how she becomes more entailed to give great detail on how the women lived and their hard times. 4. Dear God and Pa/ Mr.______ is used repeatedly in the in the entire novel. But more specifically in chapter 1 where her first interaction with a male figure was given. (Enter textual evidence here), in her diary she gives in great detail of her stepfather raping her and how she felt worthless when she was impregnated. After that she continues to express how even her husband and step-kids never appreciated her and treated her like a slave. It wasn’t till she met Shug and started to make her own pants, and that is when she truly felt that she had a choice and her decisions where based solely off of
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