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Increased Staff Morale at DAOS Cardiology to increase staff productivity Proposal Overview This proposal seeks to address the issue of staff morale at DAOS Cardiology. Employees are not in tuned with their work with job satisfaction and performance is low. DAOS Cardiology is a private practice with two locations, headquartered in Decatur, GA since its inception in 1982. The company offers services in treating patients with heart disease. We are little advanced compared to most of our competitors as we are able to offer innovative testing such as “Nuclear medicine and echography” and with our trained cardiologists the turnaround time for test results is two days or less. The company started out with a team of 4 cardiologists. However in 2007, a younger cardiologist joined the company in hope of growing and sustaining the practice, but in late 2010 he resigned. The loss of this Physician has tremendously impacted the organization in terms of business revenue and growth. With the changes in the healthcare industry, the company has not been able to successfully hire a new physician because new fellows prefer to go to an organization that is a hospital based practice rather than a private practice. To date, the company employs twenty staff members who are in turn being impacted by the decline in revenue and business growth. There has not been any form of merit increases and annual picnics as well as Christmas parties has ceased since 2010. In addition, yearly bonuses has significantly reduced and quarterly monetary employee recognition has also ceased. As a result of the company deterioration, the morale of the organization has also declined. I am the practice manager at the organization since May of 2010 at the height of the organization and now I am there for the decline. My responsibilities include taking care of all aspects of the organization including

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