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Research Proposal on the Private Hospital industry of India Executive Summary The Private Hospital industry of India guarantees that all citizens, rich or poor, can gain access to free or affordable medical and hospital care while at the same time having the preference of private health services. Indian hospital industry provides services such as free check-up as a patient in an accredited hospital, as well as treatment by medical practitioners. Typically, this type of health system gathers its financial support from the government of the country, and specifically implemented by their health department. An individual's contribution to the hospital industry is actually based on his /her income and is made through taxes. HYPOTHESIS The private hospital industry of India, upon the implementation of the strategic plan for the next 10 years, will have a stable and progressive status compared to times when the strategic plan is not in place. Goals / Objectives of India's Private Hospital Industry The Private Hospital industry of India has four main objectives: A) Remain as a top industry in terms of entertaining the health needs of people. Being on top of the list of accessible health programs enables the private hospital industry of India to command the respect and confidence of the public. Thus, the industry is able to expand its operations all over India. B) Gain more credibility than other hospital industries. The foundations that are being laid down in the establishment of the private hospital industry of India are able to meet the demands of the general public. As a result, it is able to earn more credibility as against other health programs. C) Build the best brand of quality health services; and D) Maintaining its independence. Being an independent private hospital industry allows the Thai government to continue its tradition of

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