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THESIS PROPOSAL FOR A PTOSPECT CLIENT INTRODUCTION AND STATEMENT M&A is a strange industry because it’s one of the few where the selling functions are in many ways easier than the buying functions. (Snow, 2012) Simply put, quality companies with critical mass are in demand. After a company gets above certain revenue level and especially a certain profit level, Buyers of all shapes and sizes start chasing it. When an owner decides she wants to put her company up for sale, she stands a good chance of being in the driver’s seat. Assuming she follows the proper M&A process, she’ll likely have multiple offers, thus putting her in a position of control. Although definitions vary from Buyer to Buyer, critical mass simply means a company that has size, scale, and scope. In other words, it isn’t a start-up or an unprofitable company selling a product indistinguishable from the competition. RESEARCH PROBLEM Many of the statements indicate the companies’ lack of maturity and professionalism as one of the biggest obstacles to objective and truly independent business. Some also referred to the nearly total absence of social issues from the profit news as a sign of quality business. On the contrary, most of the business industries outlets would either operate as an adjunct mouthpiece of the establishment, or they would go for a highly controversial scoop, no matter if it were based on scant or non-existent evidence, or if it could become a potential trigger of mergers and social unrest. LITERATURE REVIEW A $5 million project that leads to an almost $200 million loss is a classic “black swan.” The term was coined by our colleague Nassim Nicholas Taleb to describe high-impact events that are rare and unpredictable but in retrospect seem not so improbable. Indeed, what happened at Levi Strauss occurs all too often, and on a much larger scale. IT projects

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