Property Of The Clan Analysis

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Property of the Clan Essay ‘Property of the Clan’, authored by renowned playwright Nick Enright, is a diverse and confronting play. It follows the journey of a few key characters involved with the murder of Tracy Warner, in the town of Black Rock, a patriarchal society. The play was inspired by a similar event that occurred in Australia in 1989. Enright does not spare the gruesome details which make the featured murder a deplorable case. The play explores stereotypical aspects of Australian society and uncovers the ugly truth of the community. Through the entirety of the play the composer tackles themes including masculinity, discrimination and the perceptions of females in Black Rock. Masculinity is a key issue in which Enright explores strongly during the play. The composer reveals the ugly reality which can sometimes occur in Australian society. The play shows and highlights what happens when a group of young males come together as a ‘clan’. Their actions become animalistic and almost cavemen like.…show more content…
However, Enright contradicts the perceptions of women through the characters of Rachel and Diane. They are portrayed as strong, independent, motivated and are a suitable role model for Black Rock’s women. Rachel and her mother represent the middle class of people as they live on house on the hill, staying out of the conflict of Tracy’s murder. The house on the hill symbolises that Rachel and Marian are separated from the situation as Marian tends to brush it off as if it has nothing to do with her. Whereas Diane shows her strength by going back to school, and trying connect with Jade and Jared. She tries to get involved with the situation but only when it involves her
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