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Introduction: Water has unique characteristics that make life on Earth possible. The emergent properties of water that are essential to life as we understand it ultimately result from the relative electronegativity of oxygen and hydrogen atoms and the resulting polarity of the molecule. You will explore some of these properties, then design and conduct a series of simple experiments of your own. Part 1: Explore. Try the two activities described below. Notice the variables and suggested additional conditions included for each. Record qualitative data for each condition tested. A. Question: Are you attractive? Independent variable: proximity of a human finger Dependent variable: movement of water Place a drop of water on a small piece of aluminum foil. Carefully place your finger on the aluminum foil just next to the water drop. Allow the water drop to touch your finger. Carefully move your finger away from the drop. What happens? Would you get the same result on the other side of the foil, or on wax paper? Try it. B. Question: Does pepper avoid soap? Independent variable: presence of a surfactant (soap) Dependent variable: movement of pepper in water. Place some water in one half of a petri dish. Sprinkle some pepper on top of the water. Add a drop of soap to the center of the dish. What happens? Would you get the same result with salt? Try it. Part 2: Design your own. For each property below, design a simple test to answer each question. Identify independent (what you are changing) and dependent (what changes as a result) variables and at least two conditions to test. Construct a data table to record quantitative data where possible. Record qualitative data for all experiments. 1. Property: Cohesion Question: How many drops will fit on a penny? Possible Materials: Coin, Pipette, Water, Oil, Soap Independent variable:

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