Proper Use of Government Computers in a Classroom Environment

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Proper Use of Government Computers in a Classroom Environment The Army is a large organization with a vital function: to protect and defend the United States from all enemies. It accomplishes this by having its personnel perform specific jobs to support the overall organization. The Army establishes regulations and policies to ensure that its personnel perform their jobs efficiently and completely. Computer systems are especially important to the functioning of the Army. Improper use of government computers can be detrimental to the well-being and effectiveness of the U.S. Army, especially in a classroom environment. One type of improper computer usage is taking care of personal business on a government computer. This is improper because the computer was purchased by the government for a mission-related purpose, not for personal affairs and entertainment. The enormity of waste the government produces each year is composed of many individually small wastes; this is one example. The government does not pay employees to watch videos or send personal emails; it pays them to further the government's mission. Stealing time and electronic resources from the government can be just as costly as stealing physical equipment. The security risks posed by improper computer usage can also be extremely dangerous to the Army. Browsing unauthorized websites can expose a computer to viruses or attacks from malicious hackers. Even unclassified computers may contain sensitive or FOUO information which may harm the Army. Repair of and recovery from security breaches can also be very expensive. The compromised equipment cannot be used for anything until it is completely free of any malware or security holes. The Army has already banned flash drives because of their security threat. Inappropriate computer usage, especially involving the Internet, is just as serious and dangerous.

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