Propaganda: Inticing Genocide Essay

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PROPAGANDA: INTICING GENOCIDE The human race is the only species that has the ability to think itself into anger and violence. One commonly practiced way of thinking one’s way into violence is developing beliefs to back it up. Examples include: ‘Violence is the only way to gain respect,’ ‘I’m good, you’re evil,’ ‘We’re peaceful, they’re brutal,’ ‘They’re all cheats/dirty/liars,’ and so on. While we would all like to think that we are, by nature, a peaceful species, we still understand that there are some things worth fighting for. We hope that if violence is the only option it is for a clear and legitimate purpose. That is why it is so perplexing to hear of such monstrous acts of senseless violence as accounts from Germany began to surface after World War II. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the civilized world was shocked to see photographs of unimaginable horror; skeletons of victims stacked in piles of hundreds and thousands, living skeletons describing unspeakable brutality and atrocity, and searching for the truth as to what would permit this to occur without intervention. What could inspire such hatred, such cruelty? People were shocked, and for generations most of humanity has taken a hard line approach to acts of genocide: “Never again.” [15] But it has happened again and again. The world has witnessed similar atrocities within the last 20 years. Massacres in Rwanda (1994) and Bosnia (1995) yet again leave us with the question: Why? There are no easy answers to the questions of genocide. We can only hope to find commonalities that might help with gaining insight into the darkest area of the human psyche. In Rwanda and Bosnia the social and political structures set the stage for the subsequent slaughters. The wake of colonialism and communism, respectively, had left these two regions unstable and vulnerable to the agendas of extremist politicians. As

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