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According to the dictionary, intolerance is the refusal to tolerate or respect contrary opinions or beliefs of different persons. It could be to racial groups, religious beliefs or just the behavior of your neighbor. Intolerance in USA started in 1900 when a great number of immigrants came to USA because of the great depression of Europe in 1980, this made USA a very vary country with a lot of different races, religions and social classes. At this time there was a lot of intolerance from different sectors to other. This intolerance was mainly to the WASPs, which include immigrants, black people and Native Americans. Some types of intolerance were the red scared, the monkey trial, the vanishing Americans the Ku Klux Klan and the prohibition. The more spread but least important type of intolerance was the prohibition, this was very spread because it affect practically all the population and established as a law, but was not a very big intolerance because the aim of this movement was to stop violence, reduce crime poverty and solve social problems, but they didn't thought that not all the people that drink get drunk. In this work I will compare the most commons types of intolerance in the 1920s, and using that I will justify my answer to the question. The red scared was one of the more known examples of intolerance in the time. This affect only to the immigrants, mainly from Russia and Eastern Europe, while the prohibition impact all the people who drink in USA. Another thing we must take to account is that the prohibition only forbid people to drink, while because of the red scared immigrants could not get a job, the were extremely discriminated, deported to their country and sometimes killed. This intolerance was not very original because not only USA felt this fear, but also some parts of Europe. After this fear finished, people from USA, like Michael S.

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