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Proofs In the essay “Proofs” Rodriguez is writing different stories about numerous dreams that happened in his life or other immigrants in California. One theme is that I believe that Rodriguez explained how immigrants, male immigrants, had a different view of how the “California Dream” is, until they portray the “realistic” lifestyle of an, American; or better yet a “Californian.” He also renders how hard it is for immigrants to migrate here, but once they are migrated, it is a lot harder for them to go back, because of border patrol. For instance, in paragraph thirteen, he writes about a man named Fidel. Fidel is a hard-working janitor that has a wife, children and grandchildren down in Mexico. He lives life a bit more simple than the usual “American” family. The reason behind this is that Fidel probably came to California, to have a “better” life, to bring home more money, but maybe because he is an immigrant, he might be getting paid either “under the table,” or better yet, not getting paid at all, with the lifestyle he has. A different theme is that America is great within what lies between their dreams, but also in reality, it is susceptible to being ugly, like explained paragraph seventeen, “For Attribution, mama says she is grateful for America…Teenagers in this neighborhood have scorpions tattooed onto their biceps.” Another theme would be how American’s used Mexicans to build the future “California,” for cheap labor. Once the job is done, they bring them back to Mexico. For example, in paragraph thirteen, “In the nineteenth century, American contractors reached down into Mexico for cheap labor…-Mexicans were rounded up and the back over the border…” This paragraph explains how cruel Californians are and how much they used Mexicans to build their society. Alternatively, Rodriguez mentions a quote, on paragraph seven and the other on

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