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“proof” Drama is intended for representation by actors impersonating the characters and performing the dialogue and action. The drama “proof” by David Auburn was developed with good components, which gave it a good foundation. The movie “proof” contains several features such as characters, flashbacks, relationships, settings, and ideas, which are all important elements of the play. These characteristics help carry out the theme and plot of the play. Characters play a major role in a play because they represent a character by impersonating them. Robert, who is the brilliant Mathematician, appears in the play, but only in flashbacks. He is dead throughout the entire play, but appears in Catherine’s disillusion moments. His character is brilliant and insane. Before his death, Robert assumed and predicted that alien civilizations were communicating with him directly through the local library's Dewey decimal system. His character impacted Catherine’s life. He taught Catherine mathematics and was constantly encouraging her to make math her priority. He made her examine her conscious. Catherine, on the other hand, is a shy character. The play portrays her to lack self-confidence and self-esteem. The audience quickly learns that Catherine is brilliant, but she fears that she might possess the same mental illness, which her father suffered from. The issue of trust and betrayal in the play is the driving force behind the character that develops within Catherine. Despite her intelligence, her fear and insecurity stands in the way of her own mathematical potential. Throughout the play, the audience sees her denial about her own accomplishments. She views her father’s genius turned insanity as a heavy burden and almost a curse. If she has inherited his genius, she believes she will end up inheriting his madness as well. Her refusal to trust herself, become

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