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"Proof" is a fictional play written by David Auburn in 2001 that won the 2001 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. It tells the story of a twenty-seven year old college student that drops out of college in order to take care of her mentally ill father, Robert. All the while, Catherine’s sister, Claire, moves to New York to find a job. Robert dies five years later, leaving Catherine their house to live in. After his death, she informs Hal, Robert's zealous but gifted ex-graduate student, of a mathematical proof left in her father's office that could change the face of mathematics. However, Catherine insists that she is sole author of the notebook. The story unfolds as Hal struggles to find proof that she is the author, Claire tries to take her sister’s house away, and Catherine finds truth in her delusions and flashbacks. The scenes that consist of Catherine’s memories and mental tricks are in non-chronological order and create drama by slowly revealing the plot. It leaves the audience wondering about important issues such as what is real and unreal, while watching how the characters deal with them. Catherine’s voice is especially shaky and restless while rapidly speaking in these scenes, so it is as depressing as it exciting to read the emotionally unstable character’s dialogue, because her outcome cannot be easily perceived. Also, many of her memories are from her time in the old house with her father. The paint on the wall is referred to as being peeled to indicate that have been in her head for far too long. The house is sold toward the end of the play to reveal that Catherine is moving on in life. Emotional truths and mathematical truths are understood by separate means, and Catherine seeks the same trust of faith from Hal that is universally sought by humanity. I enjoyed the story because it proves that there are things in life that

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