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Promotions and Customer Service Essay

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Reflection Paper – Unit VI

Student# 213638

Karrie Wildeson

BBA 3201, Principles of Marketing

          In Chapter 13, I learned about promotions in a marketing business and how it affects both the business and the buyers.   There are several methods that can be utilized.   You have the direct communication that goes on between the seller and the customer.   I could relate that to a small mom and pop convenience store.   Salespeople deal directly to owners of the store.   At work, the same concept is applied when I am calling the vendors to place orders.   Another method would be mass selling in which you are communicating with large numbers of customers at the same time.   You see this type all the time when you turn on your radio or watch the TV, its called advertising.   Advertising is any paid form on non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.   The last method is publicity and that is free.   People will do anything to get their names in the news.   I bet if you look in the paper you’ll find at least a couple of names of people that you recognize in there.   Publicity is a fast and free way of spreading the news, of a new product, a good eating establishment or just about anything or anyone you want to talk about or want people to know about.
          Each promotion method has its own strengths and weaknesses.   There must be a person in charge of all of this.   Normally, you would have a team established of a sales manager, an advertising manager and a sales promotion manager.   They are all in charge of their won sections but at some point must sit and talk with each other and blend in all of their ideas to make sure the whole concept of promoting the product is captured.   Each product has its own promotion method.   Some products need a little more informing, persuading, and reminding while other products need a gentle reminder to the target audiences.   One model of promotion that is used is...

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