Promoting Positive Health Behaviors Essay

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Promoting Positive Health Behaviors Summary Improving Female Preventive Health Care Delivery Through Practice Change: An Every Woman Matters Study (,E. Backer, J. Geske, H. McIlavain, D. Dodendorf, W. Minier, 2005) implies that there is a change of focus from patient- centered care delivery and its mission varies from providers. Although, most of the clinics shared common goals, not all were met and other objectives identified lacked tenacity by the clinical staff to see them emerge. The study identified internal chaos, lack of organizational leadership, and patient education was compromised. In addition less and or no focus was given to creating community outreach programs. It was identified, but in most cases not addressed or actualized. One can hypothesize that all the factors mentioned lead to an ineffective program and served as barriers to creating qualitative and preventative care. The reader is informed about the importance of clinical practices providing an organized, flexible and collaborative health care setting. Similarly, systems for preventative measures and screening must be identified and implemented in order to provide quality care. Ronald Epstein (2010), states that evidence shows that patient-centered care improves disease outcomes and quality of life, and that it is critical to addressing racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic disparities in health care and health outcomes. Effective Preventive Screening Programs The Center for Disease Control (CDC), works diligently with a vast group of international agencies and institutions to shape global health policies, it also funds, implements and evaluate programs (CDC 2015). Among the many global chronic conditions are heart diseases and obesity- in particular child hood obesity. These are the most common, costly and preventable of all health problems (CDC 2015). Health promotion
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