Promoting good Health Essay

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Telehealth can improve quality of life. (2009). Nursing Standard. Retrieved March 19,2009, from Academic Elite database. The journalist argument is that we can save cost in healthcare by using Telehealth monitoring systems. She believes that if you provide patients with education and this suggested monitor, that the admission rates would go down, and patient would be able to same money. The cost is about the same as a one day admission. The monitor would educate the patient and alert them of warning signs if their condition is worsening. This in return will prompt the patient to alert his or her physician. And allow the patients to be treated outside a hospital setting and more physicians would treat from their office or even the patients home. I do believe this technology will same millions of dollars in the Healthcare industry. Another benefit of using the monitor will also make the patients feel more independent and maintain a better quality of life. Rajecki, R. ( 2009), Mandatory staffing ratio: boon or bane? Some believe mandatory ratios help ensure proper care; others say they’re too heavy-handed. RN,72(1),22-25. Retrieved March 19, 2009, from Academic Search Elite database. The author believes that inadequate staffing affects not only the patients health, but their pockets also. In result this causes dollars to increase in healthcare versus dollars being put toward employee staffing. The author states that nurses are sometimes treated as numbers rather than professionals. Critics believe that because hospitals receive a set DRG from the healthcare HMO’s that they have to adjust in nursing staff. I believe with giving patient adequate amount of nursing care, you can increase the quality of care and decrease cost with readmission rates. When a faculty is understaffed someone is being overworked, which leads to errors. Safe practices like mandating staffing

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