Promoting Ethical Behavior Through Student Codes of Conduct

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Promoting Ethical Behavior through Student Codes of Conduct Sonya Purvis, Stacy Sage, Steve Forrester, Thomas Whiteley II, William Green Jr., and Tamara Montgomery University of Phoenix Student Codes of Conduct “A Texas school's new honor code that discourages plagiarism copies word-for-word parts of BYU's honor code. Students who drafted the honor code at the University of Texas at San Antonio apparently failed to credit their sources.” (KSL News, 2008) This was an oversight on the students part, but it shows the need for some ethical education. Student codes of conduct or honor codes can provide the basis for this education. While some cheating still exists, student codes of conduct are effective tools in the academic environment promoting responsible behavior that creates an orderly and safe learning environment, and promotes good ethics. The U.S. Constitution is the main law of the land. The founding fathers of this country had a vision. A set view point that they believed their people had to abide by. In reality it is the ultimate code of conduct for our nation. Every U.S. citizen is bound to it. Our young grow up learning each aspect of the Constitution. It is ingrained throughout the educational experience. Many high school graduates if not all, are required to pass a constitution test. In Illinois 8th graders must pass a similar test to move into high school. Our forefathers did not want this country swayed by what ifs, while allowing for progressive thoughts to be added into the code. A solid foundation was created. A student code of conduct is the same idea. It is the foundation for an academic community. It is formulated to instill the values of the school heads into their students. The vision of the school is meant to influence its’ students. The thoughts that have created success in the

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