Promoting Care in Community Setting Essay

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NRSG259: PROMOTING HEALTH IN EXTENDED CARE Assignment 2 Holistic nursing care is the cornerstone of the promotion of health, improving quality of life and ensuring optimal management of any illness an individual may experience. The case study client, Jock Nguyen, is a seventy-five year old man with advanced Congestive Cardiac Failure (CCF) living at home with some difficulties, including a diet he would not normally prefer and limited mobility. This paper aims to discuss methods in which the Registered Nurse can assess and assist Jock in the management of his nutrition and his mobility and optimize his quality of life. According to Jarvis (2012) age related changes to nutrition in the elderly include decline in dental health, saliva production, gastric motility, gastrointestinal absorption and altered gustatory and olfactory sensation. Risk factors of malnutrition for elderly living at home include poor self-perception of health, increasing age and depression (Johansson, Bachrach-Lindstrom, Carstensen, & Ek, 2008). This is reaffirmed by Silver (2009) whom states that social isolation and poor mental or physical health, all of which can contribute to depression, are risk factors for malnourishment in the older person. Jock may be at risk of malnutrition due to his social setting and physical capabilities. Nutritional assessment is paramount in the provision of care for Jock and management of his CCF. A multi-faceted approach to nutritional assessment is outlined in studies to ensure that results accurately portray the person’s intake, particularly as many elderly people are malnourished (Elsawy & Higgins, 2011). Extensive discussion with the person on their preferences of diet and ability to cook alongside observation of the person’s physical stature (such as body weight) are important factors of nutritional assessment (Soderhamn & Soderhamn,

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