Promote Inclusion Essay

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In this assignment I will look at inclusion, equality and diversity with my future learners in adult education. I will discuss how to promote these and note other points of referral available to meet potential needs of learners. It is important to note that throughout any teaching and learning experience inclusion, equality and diversity are main issues that arise in any situation. However in adult teaching these issues can become especially important as often adults will come into learning with preconceived ideas and attitudes which can have an influence on the learning process. Equal, diversity and inclusion opportunities can be related to fairness yet the opportunities are central to the lives of many learners which require sensitive understanding and actions. With understanding these issues the teacher can enhance the educational experiences of all learners ranging from a majority to the minority, for example the able bodied to disabled people, learning difficulties within any social groups to those from a different culture. I feel therefore it is very important that I am able to show understanding and take the time to get to know the learners. As a teacher I will need to be flexible in my approach and my own learning. There are various definitions of diversity and in Adult & Community Learning; diversity is generally about valuing people’s differences. There have been several laws passed and acts that relate to the issues and one such act that is often referred to is the Equal Opportunities act. This often refers to access for all, irrespective of gender, race, religion or creed, age or special needs. (As seen in our learners’ handbook – 2009) This requires teachers and learners to be aware of the variety of individuals and as part of a wider community. As a teacher I would promote all my learners to talk to each other so
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