Promote Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Essay

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Diversity is understanding and accepting that each individual is unique and recognising our differences. This can be in age, faith, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, socio-economic status, physical ability or other. Equality is ensuring that people are treated fairly and no less favourably regardless of the factors identified above. Inclusion is making sure that everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in any given activity and is valued for their input and participation. This might be by providing additional support or resources or by the activity taking place in a more accessible location or manner. By not including people or not recognising the benefits of diversity and therefore allowing discrimination to happen it could prevent an individual from taking part or not allowing them to take part equally. It may cause further effects on a wider scale if discrimination happens in certain ways, such as only allowing women to take part in an activity or prevent access to those that cannot use stairs. This could have knock on effects and influence and affect friends and family of those people that have been discriminated against, as they may then choose to boycott activities or locations based on the inequality of participation and access. By ensuring inclusive practice it allows anyone and everyone to participate in all activities and environments. This gives a wider and more diverse input and outlook and can enhance the activity through shared knowledge and experience. It means that everyone is treated equally and fairly and has level grounding in participating. Examples may include providing access ramps for those unable to use stairs or translations in areas of multi lingual society. Within my role as a carer in a residential child care setting there are various pieces of legislation and codes of practice relating to
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