Promote Communications in Health and Social Care or Children’s and Young People Are Setting Essay

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Promote communications in health and social care or children’s and young people are setting 1.1 Some service users may be hard of hearing and require hearing aids, in one or both ears. They may require glasses as they can have trouble with their sight… speech due to a stroke or any other illness, so then we would provide them with picture cards to communicate and know what their needs are. Sign language is also used for people who are deaf. Some service users like to use pen and paper and write down their needs. 1.2 Communication has to be clear so that the care workers know what the service users’ needs are and wants, and if any changes have occurred to how the wellbeing of the service user is. If communication is not done correctly then the service user could be mistreated therefore causing there welfare and wellbeing to decline which is and can be classed as abuse. 2.1 service user A is partially deaf and requires hearing aids in both ears, this service user will not always wear his hearing aids and will place them anywhere, staff will try and prompt him to wear them but he won’t have any of it, so to communicate with service user A they will speak clearly and loud for him to understand, and also use picture cards if he gets confused and not know what we are saying. We will then know if the service user A is happy as he always thanks thank you to us. 2.2 The factors are as follows…. . Verbal communication, make sure that you are clear in what you are saying and also that the service user understands, also the pitch of your voice that it suites the situation and topic of what you are talking about doesn’t come across as patronising and also the speed of you talking to make sure that that they can understand you. Facial and hand gestures, again this Needs to be tailored to the situation or topic. A smile and perhaps a hand on their shoulder are
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