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Affix instructor barcode here Affix student barcode here BSBPMG510A Manage projects This page has been intentionally left blank ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET Participant’s Name | | Assessor | | Traineeship Qualification | | Date | | Company Name | | Training Location | | | | | | | Unit Code | Unit Name | Assessment Result | BSBPMG510A | Manage projects | | | | | Result code: COM – Competent NYC – Not Yet Competent CT – Credit Transfer RPL – Recognition Prior Learning | Method: | Please indicate the assessment method used: Q –Questioning S - Scenario P – Project | DECLARATION 1. I agree that the purpose and consequences of the assessment(s) have been explained and I have received all the relevant tools and resources necessary to undertake assessment, being fully aware of Upskilled’s assessment, complaint and appeal processes, and I believe that I am ready for assessment. 2. Acknowledgement and agreement that recorded activities have been conducted on specified dates and the assessment process was carried out fairly, with integrity, professionally with appropriate feedback during and after the assessment. 3. I declare and acknowledge that the work contained in this assessment is my own work, and has not been copied from other sources or been previously submitted for assessment 4. I understand that failure to comply with the assessment guidelines can lead to severe penalties. These penalties may be imposed in cases where any significant portion of my submitted work has been copied without proper acknowledgement from other sources, including published works, the internet, existing programs, the work of other students, or work previously submitted for other awards or assessments. | | Participant’s Signature: | | | Date: | | | | | | | Assessor’s Signature: |

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