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Name Corse Projectile Motion Experiment Experiment Date: Projectile Motion Objective The objective is to study projectile motion and to determine the initial velocity of a spring projectile launcher using appropriate equations and data for range and height of fall. Apparatus Projectile launcher, 25mm plastic ball, meter stick, tape measure, paper, lab jack, table clamp. Illustration1 Experimental Procedure This experiment had four parts involved, A, B, C, and D. In parts A and B, we calculated the velocity of the projectile by measuring the initial height, h(m), and range, R(m), of the projectile. In parts C and D, we measured the range of the projectile and used the velocities in parts A and B to calculate the theoretical range and find the error percentage. Please Note: In this experiment, we neglected wind resistance, P=mV. The lab jack used in part 3 was unable to reach the full height of the launcher so our group used a notebook to add the additional height needed for the lab jack. Part A In part A, we attached the spring loaded projectile launcher on the edge of the table by using the provided clamp. We set the projectile launcher to 0 and fired the plastic ball at maximum velocity, cocking the ball to the final or third setting, onto the floor. Then our group located the landing spot of the plastic ball and placed a piece of tape at the location. After firing the plastic ball once more to confirm the correct spot was marked, we taped a sheet of 8”x11” paper onto the floor where the tape was located. Our group then fired the plastic ball three (3) more times, marking the location on the paper were the ball landed. Using a tape measure, we found the range, R(m), of the projectile by measuring from the average mean of the points were the plastic ball hit the paper and the projectile launcher (see B in the illustration on page

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