Project Tyrant-Virus

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{draw:frame} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:frame} Allan Geovanny Nava G T-Virus Pharmaceutically to humanity, the virus was created to expand life’s span and stop the process of ageing. But behind all great invention, what lies behind this mutagenic viral agent? What if a heavily infected host could continue to still be mobile, and what if the host could continue to infect others, as well? This idea would give birth to the T-Virus. The virus was created by the pharmaceutical company known as Umbrella and albeit its publicity campaign stated that the effects of the virus reanimated dead cells in the body causing long stages of prolonged rejuvenescence, the truth was that it was never…show more content…
While Ozwell E. Spencer was planning on using the advantages of the virus for military uses, the Co-founder Edward Ashford wanted to use the virus for mankind’s benefit. The purpose of the investigation led to a lot of controversy between the employees of Umbrella. The T-Virus was created by the only inspiration of a deadly virus called Ebola, which left no more than demise as it spread. Initially, the development of the project was focused of the Mother Virus (Progenitor Virus), which was discovered decades ago by the founders of Umbrella Incorporated. The T-Virus had its origin when another Co-founder called James Marcus combined the original DNA of a leech with the Progenitor Virus. Nonetheless, the first versions of the virus caused abominable mutations in human beings. If the host is alive when it’s exposed to the virus, all the effects are applied continuing with the excruciating pain that comes with it, giving the host, rage, hunger, and aggressiveness. If the host is dead when exposed to the virus, the virus will only produce enough energy to activate the most basic needs of the brain, the most primitive… the need to feed. In any case, the appearance of the host and its behavior will be the same, the transformation into
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