Project Summary Paper, a Methodological Review

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Running head: Project Summary Paper, A methodological review – David Ellis 1 Project summary paper, a methodological review David Ellis PSY7650 Research Methods Professor Bob H Project Summary Paper, A methodological review – David Ellis 2 Introduction "Children's drawings as a self-report measurement" (Hamama & Ronen, 2009) is an exploratory qualitative study that investigates cildren's drawings as tools for self-report, in assessing outcome of cognitive-behavioral therapy for agressive behavior. The study has a phenomenological component, in that the children report about the way they experience their changes brought about through the course of 12 therapy sessions. (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010, pp.141-142) The study also has a grounded theory component, in that it examines themes of self-report that children express through drawing (Leedy & Ormrod, 2010, pp.142-144), although it is exploratory and descriptive and does not go into any formal analysis of the data. In this paper, we will examine the approach, the methodology, the validity and the reliability of this study. Validity and Reliability Several aspects of the research support its credibility. First, the authors give a good deal of background information on the various means of psychological assessment of children within several theoretical frameworks, including psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive, constructivist, cognitive-constructivist, and cognitive-behavioral. Johnson (1997) describes theory triangulation as "the use of multiple theories and perspectives to help interpret and explain the data." (p.283) Hamama & Ronen (2009) present the Project Summary Paper, A methodological review – David Ellis 3 theoretical framework in the beginning, offering it as rationale for seeking self-report from
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