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Project Scope Statement Project Name Open House for Lean In Circle Project Number 1234 Project Manager Nancy Bauer Prioritization Medium Owner(s) DeVry Chicago campus Statement of Work—Project Description and Project Product The mission/purpose of the project is to invite women to join and explore careers in the science/math with an on campus group of women in the electrical engineering and computer science Departments at DeVry University of Chicago. The project will create an open/ongoing invitation for women to become a part of the Lean In Circles group to support and promote women to achieve their goal. Through open dialogues about the challenges, women will face and by working together, women can change their course and create a better world for all (Lean In, 2014). The product of the project is the Open House for the fall of 2014 (August 8, 2014). We intend to do this by completion of project task and approval from the project sponsors. Here are the steps we intend to use to accomplish the project: after the charter is approved, we will conduct a kick off meeting for all members of the core team with their detailed task and deadlines. Each team will complete the various assigned task by the established deadlines. Project Deliverables The tangible outputs of the project are to reach the female population that attend DeVry University's undergraduate and graduate program to become a member of the Lean In Circle. The big picture items that will need to be created in order to accomplish the SOW include detailed schedules of all tasks. An online registration via email campaign, create flyers to be posted on campus, and risks assessments/ plan for project, inviting guest speaker, to attend, reserving the room and verify the public address equipment is in working order. Project Objectives The cost of the Project is estimated to be between 80-400

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