Project Scheduling In Project Management

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Project scheduling is one of the biggest parts of the project management process. Scheduling aims to predict the future and it requires lot of proactive thinking to list the project milestones, define activates and break down the activities to work packages of the WBS, and to sequence the activities in right order to define the predecessors and successor activities and their dependencies and to estimate the time required to complete the activities and what resources can be used to complete the activity and ultimately to determine the start and end dates of each task and overall budget of the project. According to PMBOK’s description of Plan Schedule Management, "Plan Schedule Management is the process of establishing the policies, procedures,…show more content…
Basically, before starting the execution, project initiation has to be completed and planning could be started. Closing and Lessons learned will be done as the last task, once the project is completed. As per the provided project plan, the product will go live in a single release once all modules are developed and tested. Production support will continue once it is live. We have to identify all stakeholders and their requirement in the earlier phase itself and we need to document those requirements in the Software Requirement Specification for the development of the project. We could utilize the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) framework to understand the sequence of each process like planning, analyzing, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. We could use the finish-to-start dependency in the Gantt Chart to mark the relationship of the task those needs to be completed before another task…show more content…
Risk planning is the process of identifying, prioritizing, and managing risk. Every project has goals that it seeks to accomplish often called Critical Success Factors (CSF). Risk events threaten the successful completion of these critical success factors." (Roseke, 2016). Risk planning is one of the important steps in the project management process and it helps the project manager to identify the potential risks and to avoid or reduce the likelihood of the risk occurrence or to develop solutions before it occurs or get ready for the risk to manage if it occurs and mitigate the negative impact of the risks before it gets

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