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Project Report (Sapphire and Gulshan Textile Mills)

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Section2, Group 4 |
Project Report |
3rd December, 2013 |

  This report consists of comparison between Sapphire Textile Mills and Gulshan Spinning Mills. |

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Organizational Analysis
3.1 Sapphire Textile Ltd.
3.1.1 Introduction of Sapphire Textile Ltd.
3.1.2 Operation of the business
3.1.3 Areas of focus
(a) Organizational Structure
(b) Corporate Social Responsibility
(c) Culture
3.2 Gulshan Spinning Mills
3.2.1 Introduction of Gulshan Textile Ltd.
3.2.2 Operation of the business
3.2.3 Areas of focus
(a) Organizational Structure
(b) Corporate Social Responsibility
(c) Culture
  4. Analysis and Comparison
4.1 SWOT Analysis
4.1.1 Sapphire Textile Ltd
4.1.2 Gulshan Spinning Mills
4.2 Comparison and conclusion

Sapphire and Gulshan are leading organizations of the Textile sector in Pakistan. Having the same operations and almost similar organizational structures, why Sapphire is progressing much more than Gulshan is what is looked upon in the following report. Culture is an important part of an organization as it determines the values shared by the workers in the organization and to a great extent, it reflects upon the type of management and their attitude towards the employees. It also helps determine the motivation level of the workers because if workers have a high morale, they have an urge to work harder which leads to an increase in productivity. This is one of the main reasons why businesses excel in this competitive business atmosphere.
The organizational structure of both these leading organizations is hierarchical, which means the levels of authority are properly defined within the businesses. Both the businesses have a well reputed name locally and internationally, which means they prosper when it comes to sales and profits, eventually. They both cater to the environment and the society in a positive way,...

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