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I. Project Purpose Identify the goal of the company and describe the strategy that was adopted to achieve it (Slack & Lewis, 2011). II. McDonald’s Strategy This section will look at the mission statement of McDonald’s and the values it holds as an organisation. It will examine the foundations upon which the McDonald’s empire was built. It will show how strategies have changed over time in response to changing customer needs and environmental factors (Slack & Lewis, 2011). i. McDonald’s SWOT analysis (Marketline, 2008) a. This will review the areas in which McDonald’s need to build upon and where it is performing better than its competitors ii. Failure of certain initiatives (Business Insider, 2011) a. Different product lines delivered different results for McDonald’s which we will examine. We will review how the lack of marketing priorities affected the overall outcome. iii. Competitor activity which made McDonald’s review their product line (Slack & Lewis, 2011). a. Different competitors entered the market, causing changes in the environmental factors that affected the marketplace. b. We will look how the competitors forced McDonald’s hand in reviewing their product development. iv. Franchises and overseas markets eg. Bolivia (Marketline, 2008) a. Franchises play a major role in the brand development and success of McDonald’s. However, whilst McDonald’s is a global player in the fast food industry, it hasn’t always been accepted by foreign markets. This section will also explore the markets in which McDonald’s have failed to gain support. III. Financial performance of the business In this section we will examine how McDonald’s has become a financially successful global fast food restaurant leader by studying the financial annual reports for the last 6 years. We will also explore

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