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Project Proposal Paper: Building an In-ground Pool Background and Statement of Need The purpose of this project is to build an in-ground pool for the Tibbs family. The Tibbs family is a southern family. The family consists of a mother, father, and two daughters. The daughters are seven and nine. The family lives in a middle-class neighborhood. The family owns two vehicles. The Tibbs family spends extra money on hotels and going to water parks to give the children some form of water activity several times a year. This year the family decides to install an in-ground pool in the backyard. With economic conditions tightening up on everyone's budget, the Tibbs family decided to invest in an in-ground pool to increase the value of their current home and give the girls the backyard getaway they always wanted. The benefits of such a feature in the backyard are numerous. The family can save money on purchasing fewer hotel rooms to go swimming. The family house value increases. The pool area offers an area of relaxation not only for the kids but also for the parents too. These benefits are thought through, and the Tibbs family grants a commission to proceed with the project. Project Stakeholders The project stakeholders in the operation of this project Are Mr. and Mrs. Tibbs. The in-ground pool project is not only an investment but also an asset to the entire family for years to come. The final project is convenient for the entire family and is good for entertaining and relaxing. The inground pool project will greatly increase the value of the Tibbs family home. The Tibbs family will receive a loan from the credit union. The credit union will be a stakeholder in the project because the credit union is responsible for financing the project and is at risk of a loss if the project does not go as projected. Project Goals: Triple Constraints Triple

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