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Week 2 Course Project: Project Proposal By Dellaina M. Grundy PROJ-592 Project Cost and Schedule Control Professor Steve Matheus DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management 8 Nov 2014 To: Professor Steve Matheus, Professor From: Dellaina Grundy, Premiere Events by Dee Project Manager the Greene’s Wedding Date: November 8, 2014 Re: Project Cost and Schedule Control Part I Executive Summary Preparing a budget for a wedding can be very difficult if there are a lot of unknown aspects, however for this project it is not the case since the couple have a very generous budget to create their special day Brittny & Ben are having an elaborate wedding at the Atlantis Spa and Resort in the Bahamas with a…show more content…
| | Project Deliverables | The major deliverables for this project are the various processes which would be a part of the wedding and would be planned and implemented as part of the wedding plan based on the scope, constraints, analysis and time which would be required for the completion of the project. | | Project Objectives | To conduct this wedding in the best way and help the couple save their time, money, and stress. The main objective is to let the family spend much of their time with what is more important such as spending time with their family.

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