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Project Overview In this paper we will examine the process that Friar Tucker used to decide which project to implement that best supported their organizational goals. We will also use similar techniques to create a simple strategic plan outline to be used to guide us on a personal project. According to the simulation, “All projects that an organization undertakes are linked to the organization’s strategic plan. This entails the development of a process by which projects are selected based on their relevance to the strategic plan” (Wideman, 1999). This of course is much easier said then done. However after completing the first step of the project by insuring that the project is necessary and pertains to the organizational mission the next step is finding the right person to oversee the project. This position is much like a quarterback leading a team to the goal line for a touchdown. To many the life of a project manager is simple; deliver a project according to three criteria: on time, on budget and to specifications. But, how are you to get there exactly? One way is to create a project plain. A project plan is similar to map. It helps guide Project Managers and the Project Team to their destination or goal. In the simulation it was very clear that a project plan was used, but was not prepared to offer guidance as challenges were presented. The team was not as prepared as they would have been with more in depth planning. Many of us want to jump straight to the execution stage and spend little or no time in the planning stage. Spending the time to plan upfront will help you reap the benefits during the life of the project. In the first section of the simulation you are given the opportunity to increase your power base and influence by suggesting different projects to the PCS. Initially choosing Kalimpong, Friar’s Nest, and Galleria the power bar was at 3.25,

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