Project Methodology and Risk Essay

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Project Methodology and Risk [pic] Project Methodology and Risk Management Portland, Oregon June, 2006 inc. po box 2367 lake oswego, or 97035 (503)407-2768 Executive Summary This white paper summarizes the approach we take at to ensure successful accomplishment of projects undertaken by the consultancy. It describes the project methodology we apply and our proactive approach to risk mitigation. Our approach adopts the ‘best of breed’ solutions well accepted in the industry into a robust project management practice. inc. is a networking and technology consulting firm specializing in Internet and client server product strategies, development and testing. We are in the business of delivering a high quality consulting service. Our industry experience spans two decades. Our customers are diverse; spread across the enterprise, industry and media segments. is focused, independent and located in Lake Oswego, Oregon right outside Portland Project Methodology Risk Analysis Of the trillions spent on IT during 1997–2001, nearly $1 trillion was wagered on underperforming projects [2]. While risk cannot be entirely predicted or controlled, many of the risks that repeatedly plague software projects can be assessed and managed. The following chart illustrates the impact that factors within the project’s control have on risk. [pic] Figure 1: Risk Factors Formal project and risk management practices have the power to reduce software project risk. The value of such practices lies largely in the well-defined patterns and directives that they create for coordinating interactions and integrating inputs from various project

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