Project Manegement Essay

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Contents Executive Summary 3 Project Charter 4 Project Scope Statement 10 WBS 14 WBS Dictionary 15 Project Management Methodology 17 Integrated Management Plan 21 Schedule Management Plan 22 Gantt chart Critical path Scope Management Plan 24 Human Resource Management Plan 26 Communication Management Plan 29 Cost Management Plan 34 Risk Management Plan 37 Quality Management Plan 43 Procurement Management Plan 44 Terms of Reference for the contracting of consultant 47 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Maxwell Technology is a communications company which prides itself on being at the forefront of new and emerging technologies. Maxwell Technologies provides telecommunications and mobile internet services. In Barbados, where Maxwell Technologies is geographically located there is a great need for broadband services especially in remote locations where Maxwell’s competitors have been unable to have structured cabling. Maxwell Technologies has held many focus groups island wide to determine the feasibility of launching a new WiMAX product. These focus groups were widely successful. Since WiMAX is a widely a wireless solution, it makes it the ideal solution for persons in remote locations who are desirous of have such services. It is a costly task to deploy any island wide solution, so this document will

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