Project Managers and Ethics, Leadership, and Technology Essay

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Project managers Student’s name Professor’s name, Course title, 3/9/2015 1. Describe the different organizational structures as it relates to project management (i.e., functional, project-based, matrix). The three different project management organizational structures are: Functional organization, Project based teams and the matrix structure. Organization Structure & Culture. (n.d.) The functional organizational takes in to consideration the implementation and coordination of the various structures to give one functional area a dominant role to make the project a success, even though it will be managed by the existing hierarchy. The top management of the parent company only records the project as working agenda. The advantages of the functional organization are: there will be no changes made to the organization structure/hierarchy of the parent company, since, the project will only be handled within a functional area of the organization to its completion. This organization would offer greater flexibility to the specialists from different functional units who are able to work part time on the project before resuming to their work. This approach also ensures that the best expertise is employed within the functional unit that is assigned with the responsibility to ensure that the crucial project aspects are attended to ensure project success. The disadvantages of the functional organization is the lack of focus given that the functional units have their normal organization work to do. This may lead to pushing off the project responsibilities to do the routine work which has expectations. The time wasted in waiting for one functional team to be done, for another one to take over the project may cause the project to delay or stall. There is poor integration of the functional teams with the various experts showing minimal concern to the allocated

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