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10MS321 Project Management Credit 3:0:0 Objective: To learn concepts of project management, its role, project life cycle, structure & processes. To make student understand the following key project management activities: o Integration management o Scope management o Time management o Cost management o Quality management o Human resource management o Communication management o Risk management o Procurement management To give a comprehensive learning on the difference phases of project : initiating, planning, executing , monitoring and closing . Outcome of the course: At the end of this course, students will be able to manage projects in any industry. They can also be ready to attend Project Management Professional examination conducted by PMI ( if they have required experience prescribed by PMI) Unit I: Project management frame work: Introduction – Project life cycle – Organization – Project management process groups – planning process – executing process – monitoring & controlling process – closing process. Unit II: Knowledge Areas – Integration & Scope: Integration management : Develop project charter, project plan, direct & manage project execution, monitor & control, perform integrated change control, close project. Scope management: collect requirement, define scope, create WBS, verify scope, control scope, Unit III: Knowledge Areas – Time & Cost : Time management : Define activities, sequence activities, estimate activity resources, activity duration, develop schedule, control schedule. Cost management: estimate cost, determine budget, control costs. Unit IV: Knowledge Areas – Quality, Human resources & Communication: Quality management: Plan quality, perform quality assurance & quality control. HR management : develop HR plan, acquire project team, develop project team, manage project

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