Project Management Final-Team Paper

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Group F: MGMT404 Week 8 Course Project Statement of Participation All members of our team participated in the web meetings and the discussion threads. Our team worked together to complete our project as scheduled. Signed, Memorandum TO: Silver F Cafe Owners FROM: Group F Inc. DATE: August 27, 2012 SUBJECT: PROJECT PLAN SUBMISSION SUMMARY Attached you will find a copy of the Project Plan. This describes, in detail, how the project is planned and the requirements to be fulfilled in order to complete the project. Please feel free to contact us on anyamendments or omissions to the proposed plan. We can set a meeting for negotiationat your convenience.Having a complete understanding of your preferences will assist us in providing the proper foundation to which to build your idea. This will ensure that both, you and our team, are in mutual congruence. We look forward to this opportunity and completing the Silver F Cafe to your satisfaction! We are confident that we have your vision in our plan and making it a reality in time for opening day. Sincerely, The Group F Inc. Staff Table of Contents Memorandum 3 Scope Statement: 5 Work Breakdown Structure: 5 Network Diagram: 6 Risk Management Plan: 6 Project Priority Matrix: 6 Risk Scoring Matrix: 7 Risk Management Analysis Matrix: 7 Risk Response Matrix: 8 Resource Management Plan: 9 Resource Sheet: 9 Cost Table: 10 Communication Management Plan: 11 Scope Statement: To renovatea 3,500 square foot spaceinto a high-quality eatery that has WiFi capability throughout the establishment. This will be completed within 3 months at a cost of $50,000. Work Breakdown Structure: Network Diagram: (Expand each picture as needed) Risk Management Plan: Project Priority Matrix: | Constrain | Enhance | Accept | Scope | | | | Time | |

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