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8/18/2014 PROJECT MANAGEMENT Shashona Singh Presenter: S.Singh Date: Aug 2014 Time: 15h00 – 17h00 Today’s Objectives • To break/melt the ice with one another. • To familiarise yourself with the theory of project management • To help you understand this course better 1 8/18/2014 Lecture Plan Sign register and fill in feedback form Switch off cellular phones during session Interactive session Unanswered questions/queries for end of session Break the Ice 1. What animal would you like to be and why? 2. Each one is going to introduce themselves to the class - name, occupation, education, and the animal Tutor’s Details o o o o o Shashona Singh Project Manager at SAB Worked at Saiccor and FLuor BSc Chemical Eng, MBA and a Pr.Eng I would like to be a dolphin. They are intelligent,intuitive, beautiful and they live in beauty, the ocean.Dolphins trust, they help people or 083 345 47 45 or 0798893935 2 8/18/2014 Let’s Play “Is this a Project?” Cleaning My Garage Every year (almost), I: – Check the weather. – Pull everything out of my garage. – Sweep out the cobwebs. – Clean off the foundation – Sweep the floors. – Scrub the floors. – Let the floors dry. – Wash off the things that go on the shelves – Put everything back in the garage. • Is that a “project”? • Why? Painting and Degreasing My Garage • Two years ago, I decided that I should: – Paint the inside of my garage, and – Clean the gunk of the floor with a solvent • I couldn’t just pull everything out, because this would take several days. • So I had to plan out several steps to: – – – – Move things from one area of the garage to another, Paint the walls, Clean the floors with a solvent. Move things to another area of the garage. • Was that a project? • Was I managing a project? 3 8/18/2014 Remodeling We are replacing

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