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Report overview This report is devised to analyze the implementation of appropriate project management practices applied in lumen Australia Company. This report will include the analysis of alignment of strategic and business processes with project management practices in the organization and what is procedure of deciding the project governance and key responsibilities of project roles. This report will also include that what are the procedures and checkpoints to identify the priority of any steps in the project. How Lumen Australia Company has integrated the best project management strategies in its organization to keep it at the maximum level of productivity with increased accuracy in different phases of project management lifecycles. Company background Lumen group is global supplier of plastic components, electronic systems and wiring looms to all the major vehicle manufactures of the world, with over 30 years of market experience lumen group always focuses on providing creative solutions by enhancing the products and services quality keeping in mind the needs and wants of its customers. Lumen group has its resources in New Zealand, Europe, USA, china and in Taiwan as well. Because of the expertise of specialist engineer and latest technology Lumen group is able to provide broad array of products designed especially for meeting the needs and wants of its clients as well as general customers. 1. The alignment of project management with strategic and business planning process of Lumen Australia Company Strategic planning for any organization is necessary in order to make sure to be on the right track on pursuing the goals and objectives of the organization (The SMART PM, 2013). Strategic planning helps any business in decisions- making processes about its overall strategy, allocation of its resources and strategic direction of the overall organization

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