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Session 1 & 2 Generation and Screening Of Project Idea Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 Nature of Operating Systems What is the meaning of Scientific Management in your opinion? Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 Scientific Management Operations management owes much to scientific management The essence of Taylor’s philosophy: • Scientific laws govern how much a worker can produce per day • It is the function of management to discover and use these laws in the operation of productive systems • It is the function of worker to carry out management’s wishes without question Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 Frederick W. Taylor 1856 - 1915  Known as ‘father of scientific management’  In 1881, as chief engineer for Midvale Steel, studied how tasks were done  Began first time & motion studies  Created efficiency principles Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 © 1995 Corel Corp. Scientific Management  Frederick Taylor is known as the father of scientific management. His shop system employed these steps:  Each worker’s skill, strength, and learning ability were determined.  Stopwatch studies were conducted to precisely set standard output per worker on each task. Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 Scientific Management . Contd… Material specifications, work methods, and routing sequences were used to organize the shop. Supervisors were carefully selected and trained. Incentive pay systems were initiated. Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 Efficiency: Doing things right Achieving a result at minimum expenditure of costs - All costs, not just financial. Effectiveness: Doing right things Goal Oriented behaviour Achieving the results which you seek Session 1, 2 Dt.19.06.2014 New Operational Environment • Shift from Efficient to Innovative firm • Shift from pyramid like org to network type org. • Shift from domestic to global sourcing •

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