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The role of project management Project is a sequence of tasks with a beginning and an end that are bounded by time, resources, and desired results. This means that a project has specific, desired outcome, a deadline or target date when the project must be done and also a budget that limits the amount of people, and money that can be used to complete the project. Project Management is the process of combining systems, techniques, and people to complete a project within established goals of time, budget, and quality. It allows managers to plan and manage strategic initiatives that generate new revenue in expanding sectors of the market and also a most important management technique for ensuring the success of the organization. A project team or project organization created uniquely for the purpose of achieving a specific goal .A project manager who is responsible for that the goal is accomplished and put the right people in right place. They will understand whose skills will match what task and that is how they will determine who does what and also effectively reach the goal team members must contribute maximally they can. Project management is about having an effective and efficient team with a leader that can encourage cooperation and motivate to get results. It is important because tough budgets, reducing resources, limited time constraints, and competition to improve the methods we do business in the competitive environment. The great ability of project management makes it possible to focus on priorities, track and measure performance, overcome challenges and issues, become flexible enough to adjust to change and reach higher performance and a higher probability of success in each and every project. Furthermore success which is achieved by satisfies customer expectations, utilize available resources and being within limit of given budget is only achieved through

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