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The Role of Project Management in Today’s Business World Project Management It is set of principles, methods and techniques to plan and control project tasks. Really it is the use of information, abilities, techniques to execute the projects effectively and efficiency. It helps for effective planning, scheduling, resourcing, decision making, controlling and replacing. It is very useful to achieve project objectives. Project Management principles and techniques help to complete projects on schedule, within budget with project specifications and also it helps the goals of the organization which are productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness. The objective of project management is to certify that projects meet its time, cost and scope. The major things of project management are: identify the cause why a project is necessary. Taking project requirement, identify quality of the deliverables, guesstimating recourse and timescale. Making a business case to validate the investment. Obtaining corporate agreement and funding... Developing and applying a management plane for the project leading and rousing the project delivery term. Handling the risk issues and changes on the project. Checking the growth against the plan. Handling the project budget. Keeping communications with stakeholders and the project organization. Provider management. Final the project in a controlled fashion when suitable. When use the project management Projects are detached to business as usual activities, necessitating people to organize momentarily to attention on exact project purposes. As a result, actual team work is central to successful projects. Project management is concerned with managing separate packages of work to reach goals. The method the work is achieved depends upon an extensive verity of reasons. Why we use project management Asset

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