Project Management Essay

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Sandra Harris Unit 5 Exercise 1 SMART Goal and Objectives Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes Setting Goals and taking action “A goal that specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound is SMART. By defining a goal with this method, a clear path for success is identified: Be specific. A clear, concise statement is effective; include enough detail so the goal-setter knows exactly what outcomes are expected. 1. For Example, rather than “expanding sales territory, state what areas are targeted Set measurable goals. Ideally a quantitative measurement is included in the goal statement. This requirement is the mechanism to track goal attainable and should be developed when the goal is set. 2. For Example, identify the number of sales that the people want to target in a new region Make sure the goal is achievable and attainable. It should take some work to reach the goal, but the goal should not be so difficult that you the goal setter become frustrated and give up the goal including intermittent steps that mark your movement toward the current situation. Consider other goals currently play in the life that may be too difficult or conflict with the new goal. 3. For Example, if the company is rolling out new products it may be too difficult to start an M.B.A program at night, as you’ll likely be working a lot of overtime and traveling more than usual. Establish a timeline for achieving the goal. Attaching a deadline for completion will motivate action and give a additional level of accountability. If you’re a procrastinator, you may want to share your goal and your timeline for achieving it with a co-worker who will hold you accountable for steadily working within bounds of goal

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