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CYW 223 Organisational Context Southwick Neighbourhood Youth Project Evaluation Report Introduction For this evaluation report I am going to provide a detailed evaluation of Southwick Neighbourhood Youth Project based in Southwick in the city of Sunderland. SNYP is an independent charity project that provides youth activities, employment training, further education support and guidance to young people aged between 8-25 years old in Sunderland. Sunderland reported by the guardian was regarded as the 57th worst deprived areas in England in 2010. ( All the work carried out by SNYP is orientated around the young people of the local ward and surrounding wards. The youth project was initially set up in 1979 to help facilitate the young people’s needs of the community initially as a detached working project and in 1985 moved to its first premises where indoor sessions began. SNYP is a charity that consistently aims to be user led and supports the young people in making their voice heard within the project and also in the local community. The aim of this project is to look at four main topic areas surrounding the project which include access and participation where I will discuss who uses the project, what the users of the project are involved in within the project and the potential barriers staff and young people face as a project. I will then discuss the quality of the provision provided by the project to the young people. The positive and negative feedback of the young people on whether the work carried out at the project meets their needs. I will also discuss the achievements of the project that it has upon the service users and how these services are measured along with funder’s expectations. Finally, I will discuss the management structure and
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