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The project involving the 2-day training will be entering the execution phase. There has been a trend with projects finishing over-budget, not meeting timelines, exhibiting waste of resources, or expectations not meeting expectations. We are in the process of implementing processes that will assure successful completion of the project. This memo will outline the strategies that the project manager will be implementing. The project manager will be reporting the progression of tasks as well as the completion of the tasks. The project has a baseline to measure how and when performance deviates from the plan. The baseline has been completely defined and documented before the project execution and control activities had commenced. You will be receiving updated reports during and after completion of defined and documented tasks. The baseline will help the team prepare for unplanned issues which will be communicated to the stakeholders and the management team via reports. If the project needs to be adjusted, project change forms will be provided for management and stakeholder approval. If changes are approved then the baseline will be redefined as the original plan addition to the approved changes. We understand that communication is one vital element in project management. The team will be holding weekly meetings providing reports that will be generated on a weekly basis. During the meeting, we will be reviewing the status of the each phase of the project which will be provided in the reports. The reports will include Gantt Charts. The copies of the Gantt Charts will be a key in reviewing our progress. The stakeholders and management team can review and communicate any concerns during the weekly meetings. The project manager will be performing team evaluations after completion of each phase. The project manager will gather the team after each phase so

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