Project Communications Essay

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Project Communications Kevin Sperrey Project Communications Communications are a critical deliverable of every successful project and a key project management skill. You may not have thought of communications as an actual project deliverable, but it is. It may not be the one that a client or customer places the most emphasis on, but that's because every client and customer will take good communications for granted. Project communications is one deliverable that the project manager is personally responsible for and it's one that has a large influence over the project's success or failure. Experience has taught that the best managed projects, delivering on all their promises, on time, and on budget can still be perceived as failures. The reason: the project manager did not do an adequate job of communicating project success to their stakeholders. Project communications plans follow the basic questions of who will receive information, what information needs to be communicated, how will information be disseminated and how often, and finally who on the project team will be responsible for delivering the information. (Burris, n.d.) Each individual stakeholder has a different set of requirements for project information, and prefers different ways of receiving their communications. It will not be possible to define a unique set of communications and communication vehicles for each stakeholder in most projects, so the best thing to do is identify the different category of stakeholder and define the required information and communication methods that best suits the group. Executive Sponsor/Business Sponsors are probably the most important customer(s) of any project communications. It's going to be important to define a custom set of communications for each person in this category. Take the time to interview them about their preferences: what
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