Project Communication Essay

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1. Project Communication Project communication is going to be a very important and necessary aspect of Janet’s project that cannot be overlooked. The project communication will allow for the timely collection, discussion of needs identification for the project since project managers spend most of their time communicating with their team members and other project stakeholders. It will be imperative that her communication take on several forms which will include personal communication, meetings, reports and other project documentation as discussed in the book “Successful Project Management” by Jack Gido and James Clemmens. Janet will have to implement, especially during the early stages of the project, face-to-face communication so that body language can be observed to enhance the overall communication and to help with initial stakeholder team building. Janet should also establish project meetings such as a status review, problem-solving and design-review meetings on a regular basis for status reports concerning the scope, schedule, and budget constraints. Another form of personal communication would be video conferencing and the telephone communication for distant stakeholders such as out of state workers who are dislocated from the main offices. According to PMBOK, “improper communication planning will lead to problems such as delay in message delivery, communication of sensitive information to the wrong audience, or lack of communication to some of the required stakeholders. As such a communication plan allows for the project manager to document the approach to communicate most efficiently and effectively with stakeholders.” Effective communication creates a bridge between diverse stakeholders involved in a project, connecting various cultural and organizational backgrounds, different levels of expertise, and various perspective and interests in the project
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