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PROJECT MANAGEMENT DOCS PROJECT CHARTER SALES, ORDERING AND PAYMENT SYSTEM CJS PUBLISHING COMPANY #69-B CAMBRIDGE ST. BRNGY. E. RODRIGUEZ CUBAO QUEZON CITY, 1102 AUGUST 8, 2013 PROJECT CHARTER SALES, ORDERING AND PAYMENT PROJECT This Charter formally authorizes the Sales, Ordering and Payment System Project to create an computerized Sales, Ordering and Payment System for use in CJS Publishing Company’s group. A project plan will be developed and submitted to the Project Sponsor for approval. The project plan will include: scope statement; schedule; cost estimate; budget; and provisions for scope, resource, schedule, communications, quality, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management as well as project control. All resources will be assigned by the Project Sponsor, CJS Publishing Company. The purpose of the computerized business process is to improve manual system of the CJS Publishing Company. This project meets CJS Publishing’s need to improve their data information’s, monitoring transactions and the information updates. The project deliverables shall include payroll system design, all coding, testing, implementation the system for use and a user’s guide. The objectives of the computerized project are to have a fast and reliable online system that will monitor the distribution of books, keep track of the payments and balance of each school and the updates of information’s for the CJS Publishing Company. High level risks for this project include ensuring implementation is completed without having a problem on monitoring and updating information’s especially on sales and ensuring there are no issues with migrating Sales, Ordering and Payment accounts from the legacy system to the new system. Success will be determined by the Project Sponsor once the system is implemented and one full Sales, Ordering and Payment cycle has

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