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Table of Contents Project Objectives and Background 1 Project Scope and Framework 2 Approach 3 Project Timing 5 Participants and Involvement 6 Planned Project Outcomes and Next Steps 12 Coordination with Other Planning Initiatives 12 Project Administration 12 Related Documents 13 Document Revision History 14 Project Objectives and Background The objective of the University of Washington Strategic Roadmap for Information Management and Administrative Systems (the “Roadmap”) project is to define a vision of the future of information management and administrative systems (IM/AS) at the University of Washington, aligned with the institution’s business goals and priorities, and to develop an action plan for achieving this vision. The Roadmap will be the University’s plan for information management and administrative systems designed by business owners in collaboration with the Office of Information Management (OIM) and its constituent stakeholders. OIM will implement and maintain the plan, under the oversight of the Information Management Advisory Committee (I-MAC). The Roadmap is being developed in response to the IS Futures Taskforce and feedback from I-MAC. Although foundation work had been performed in the Systems Strategy initiative and outlined in the Strategic Choices document, the IS Futures Taskforce determined that the University did not have a clear and integrated long term plan for information systems or a vision of where the University needs to be in five or ten years. As a result, I-MAC had no context for the prioritization of project requests and no framework within which to determine how individual requests would fit into a longer term vision. The Office of Information Management was created to ensure the long term integration of systems, planning and resources supporting information

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