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N00455996\MAN 4583 Project Charter- “How to use Microsoft Paint to extract portions of screen for use in product documentation using MS Word” Project Overview Name: MS Paint utilizing screen prints for use in product documentation using MS Word Document Date September 13, 2011 Stakeholders Professor Marjory Templeton of the University of North Florida Project Manager PM Team 5- Primary responsibilities are to prepare a written demonstration explaining the techniques used to extract screen prints for use in product documentations using MS Word Email Address of Website N00455996@UNF.EDU Goal Statement To display a 10 minute seminar to new employees and existing departments- presenting skills enabling all documenters to capture system screen images for use in documentation with the software MS Paint. Project Objectives The documentation will help provide abilities to employees the knowledge to capture, alter and save screen creations for presentations. The software MS Paint allows the ability to edit an image by simply opening an existing picture file by copying and pasting onto an open screen. Tools are available for editing the image in the tool box located on the left of the screen. The different applications of tools consist of changing the canvas area of the image, cropping with shapes, colors and lines. Once the image is edited it can be saved into different picture file formats to be used for presentations. Project Scope The allotted time for the presentation and training should not exceed 10 minutes, Project schedule The project is for one day, Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Time Reporting The tools required will be Microsoft Office PowerPoint Project Resources Assumptions, Constraints, Risks An assumption with this project is the user should be able to follow the

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